This prayer is recommended for all kinds of diseases. But also to keep away the demon of impurity and of temptations against chastity. Many other evil spirits do not support it, especially those that arise on the spine (cervical to lumbar); and also the one that causes discord in couples.

We resort to you in our tribulation, O Blessed Joseph, and after having implored the help of your Holy Bride, we also solicit your patronage with confidence. By the affection that has united you to the immaculate Virgin, Mother of God, by the paternal love with which you have surrounded the Infant Jesus, we beg you to look with kindness at the inheritance that Jesus Christ has won at the price of his blood, and to assist us in our needs. Protect, O most wise guardian of the divine Family, the chosen race of Jesus Christ. Preserve us, O loving Father, from all taint of error and corruption, be favorable to us, O our very powerful liberator. From heaven, protect us in the fight we deliver to the power of darkness. And just as you once snatched the Infant Jesus from the peril of death, today defend the holy Church of God against pitfalls of the enemy and all adversity. Cover each of us with your perpetual protection, so that, by your example, and supported by your help, we may live holy, godly die, and reach eternal bliss. So be it.