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Lord God, you want my body to be the Temple of your Holy Spirit and you want me to take care of it because it is called to rise gloriously at the last day if I remain faithful to your grace and your commandments.

You know that I became a slave of tobacco, which pollutes my mind and my body, and that I can not free myself by my own strength. Consider, I beseech you, my misery and my affliction in front of this evil and its demons which rule over me. Like the sons of Israel, I groan under the weight of servitude and I aspire to regain my freedom.

O Lord our Father, I confess that you have sent your beloved Son into the world to save us from all evil. Where he went he did good and healed all who were under the power of the devil because you were with him. Send him again from the heights of Heaven! May he come to me with the power of your Holy Spirit because he is the same yesterday, today, and he will be forever!

Yes my Jesus, come in me, heal me, deliver me and chase away from me and forever this evil that oppresses me! May the taste and nauseating smoke of tobacco be a horror to me and give way to the healthy breath of the Holy Spirit! Amen! Hallelujah!