In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

God, come to my help! Lord, help us!

Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit
For ever and ever. Amen!

May the precious blood of Jesus Christ sprinkle me!
May the blood of Jesus Christ water me, wash me and cleanse me!
May the blood of Jesus Christ penetrate me deeply and free me from my sins,
my faults, my anxieties, my bitterness, my bitterness,
from all the wounds of the heart and the mind,
my grudges, my envious or vengeful hatreds !

May the blood of Jesus Christ free me from all the evil spells of Satan
and his ministers: wizards, haters, poisoners,
all those who attack, injure or kill the body, soul or spirit of others in any way!

May the blood of Jesus Christ free me from all bewitchment, bewitching, harmful fantasies,
any evil influence of the living or the dead through fantasies, bad dreams,
provoked diseases, obsessions, possessions!

Like the blood of the lambs with which the gates of the Hebrews were sprinkled to scare the exterminating angel,
thus may the mighty blood of Jesus Christ, fearful to unclean spirits,
fill them with terror and keep them away from me!

May the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ live in my heart forever!
May Jesus Christ apply his crown of thorns to me spiritually
and heal me from headaches, thoughts of anger, hatred, despair and pride!

May the wound on the side of Jesus and the countless wounds and bruises he endured for me,
be my remedy and heal me!

May the wounds of the Savior's hands and feet heal my sick members!
That the terrible pains endured by Jesus Crucified in the heart, the chest, the back,
relieve my heart, chest and backache!

May the Spirit of God descend upon me!
May the Spirit of Jesus Christ descend upon me and penetrate me deeply!
May the Spirit of the Blessed and Beloved Father invest me, flood me and overwhelm me!
That having liberated me from every unclean, evil, demonic, or witch spirit,
it fills me with the Spirit of forgiveness and love, of the Spirit of mercy and kindness,
of the Spirit of purity and fervor, of the Spirit of justice and peace, of the Spirit of joy and gladness!

Lord, let your servant N ... (Your name) be cleansed by the Blood and Water of your open side
and be immersed in the Holy Spirit!
Fill me with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for the service of your children!

May the Lord cure and heal my soul!
May he remove all badly cicatrized wounds by pouring the balm of his Spirit on it!
May he heal me from desolation and spiritual dryness, giving me the taste for prayer and the things of God!

May the Holy Spirit deign to pray in me with ineffable groans!
May the Lord Jesus be in my heart by faith!
May he be behind me like a wall of protection and in front of me as a mighty warrior to lead me!
May he protect me on my right and on my left and be above me to bless me!