according to Bishop Jean-Baptiste Proya

Jesus, my very sweet Savior, here I am before You like those poor people tormented by the demon You met on the roads of Palestine. I admire your goodness and your delicacy towards me. I also admire your divine power. You have threatened the impure spirits, and chased them out of the men and women to whom you have rendered hearing, sight, speech, and especially your peace and grace. O my Jesus, I too feel myself dejected and oppressed by the wiles of the devil that disturbs me in daily life or during the night, which prevents me from fulfilling my duty of state, and, moreover, tries to distance myself from you by the abandonment of religious practice and the Christian faith.

I believe in you, Jesus! You are the Son of our heavenly Father, begotten and consubstantial to Him. With the Father and the Holy Spirit, You are the only true Almighty and merciful God, who lives and reigns in eternal ages. To free us from the slavery of sin and the tyranny of the devil, you have clothed our human nature, preached the gospel of salvation, accepted the Father's will to Passion and death. Your adorable Blood, You have shed it to give us our divine sonship and to incorporate us to you as brothers and sisters.

I adore you, O my Jesus, and thank you for all that you have done for me and for all men, gathered in your one Church, the ark of salvation. Humbly, I beg you, O my Redeemer, to make me and all my family completely free from the perverse influences of the devil. Renew in us the feeling of your presence and give us the joy of tasting your sweetness. Make us submit each day to your divine Commandments, with serenity, fervor and perseverance, to reach the eternal happiness of Heaven, where we will sing, with the Angels and the saints, the hymn of adoration: "Holy, Holy, Holy, the Lord, the God of the Armies. Heaven and earth are filled with your glory. Hosanna in the highest heaven. So be it.