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Night husbands and night women are demons to whom humans are bound because of their sins, occult practices, or for other reasons. They act on them by sex at night. These demons take on a masculine (incubus) or feminine (succubus) form and infest the life of the person. We have an example of this in the book of Tobias, where the demon of lust Asmodeus has bound himself to Sarah and causes the death of all his successive human husbands before Raphael the Archangel comes to chase him away.

Through the intercession and support of Saint Raphael the Archangel, of my guardian angel, of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, of Saint Benedict and of Saint Joseph, by the precious Blood of Jesus with which I cover myself, I take a stand for the fight against the demonic forces, the incubus and succubus spirits known as "night husbands" and "night women".

In the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, I (say your name), daughter (or son) of Abraham, child of God by the grace of baptism, child of Mary by the Will of Jesus, challenge you, demon asmodeus, spirit of Jezebel and of Mamy Wata, all right on me. I denounce any contract, any occult marriage that binds me to you. By the power of liberation of the blood of Jesus, I divorce with you, I release myself, I definitively break all relation with you. I do not like, I reject any practical action, or any contact you impose on my sex parties in dream or waking state.

In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over you impure spirits who violate my sexual intimacy, block my marriage, make me sterile or disturb the intimacy of my marriage. I reject all the impure practices that you impose on me : prostitution, adultery, alcoholism, idolatry of money and sex.

Through Christ who "became a curse for me on the cross" (Ga 3:13), I break every occult consecration, every evil spell or bewitchment that hangs over me, every link or satanic oppression. Asmodeus, spirit of Queen Jezebel, spirit of Mamy Wata or Dalila or any other incubus or succubus spirit (say if possible the names of the deities or "vôdoun" to whom you have been consecrated), that the Blood of the Lamb of God fills you with terror and keep you away from me ! And that His blood breaks any hold you have on me. Jesus of Nazareth chases you away and commands you, and in his Name, I also command you : go to the foot of the cross of Jesus so that he has you as he wants, and do not return to oppress me in my intimate parts, in my body and in my life, because in the Name of Jesus, you are defeated. You have no power over me. Jesus saved me and gave me victory over you.

May the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of blessing and power fall on me ! May the blood of Jesus Christ keep me in the freedom of the children of God !

Merciful Jesus, Jesus conqueror, I trust in you and I proclaim my total deliverance. Thank you Lord. Amen.