Lord Jesus Christ, on the cross, you became a curse for us so that I may be redeemed from all curses and inherit the blessing of the Father (Gal 3:13). You are the salvation of those who turn to you. I can therefore receive from you my deliverance because "those who invoke the name of the Lord will be saved" (Rm 10:13).

I now invoke your Almighty Name and ask you to drive from me, your servant, any diabolical presence ; extend to me your victorious arm, let the angel of peace keep away from me all enemy power ; thwart in my life the machinations of envious, wicked, and corrupting people ; make vain and neutralize any evil force acting by poison, evil eye, spell, curse, bewitchment, charm.

Evil Spirits, if you bind me or oppress me because of a curse, a spell, a malediction spoken against me, or a consecration to an idol deity, a demon or Satan, whatever the conditions, by the grace of my baptism, in the Name of Jesus, I loosen all these attachments ; I deny your right now on me, on my body, my soul, and my spirit ; I cover myself with the Blood of Jesus who washed me of my sins.

Through the mercy of God the Father, the power of the Blood of Jesus, the immolated Lamb, by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, I fight every infestation or demonic influence, any action of witchcraft against me, all spell. I break them and destroy them, I refuse them and reject them, I quash them in the Name of Jesus, and I cut off all ties and hindrances of the spirits of darkness ; I cut off in particular the bonds of curses, witchcraft, all occult conspiracy, consecration or pact from people of all generations, night husbands or night women, the cult of twins, sacred masks, etc.

I untie myself and untie all those who are under my authority. I establish myself now in the victory of the risen Christ and in the blessing of the Eternal Father. Jesus my Savior has freed me forever. He delivered me from all my anxieties (Ps 34:18).

The Lord is good to me. He is my help. I rely on him and do not fear anymore ; I will not be afraid of what a man can do to me (Ps 56:10-12).

Through the Spirit of strength, love and self-control that dwells in me, I now live in the freedom of the children of God to celebrate the wonders of the "God of deliverance". Amen!