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This prayer is particularly indicated when wizards or dubious persons have been brought home, and when one have accepted talismans, worn amulets or lucky charms, or when the house has witnessed spiritism, bloodshed or violence (murder, suicide, blasphemy, etc.)

I put myself in the presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and submit to His Majesty. "I put on the armor of God to resist the wiles of the devil. I stand firmly, my loins girded with truth and clothed in the armor of justice. I always keep in my hands the shield of Faith with which I can extinguish all the fiery darts of the Evil One. I also take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God."

O Jesus crucified, dead and risen, for the glory of your name, I pray you to enchain  all the evil spirits: of the air, the atmosphere, of the water, of the fire, of the earth, of under the earth and of hell. Abolish also the influence of any lost or wandering soul that would be here, as well as anyone sent by the satanic power or any group of witches, magicians or worshipers of Satan who may be present here in a preternatural form. I invoke the blood of Jesus: in the air, in the fire, in the wind, on the earth and all its fruits, in the abysses and in the underworld.

Lord Jesus, in your name, prevent  the enemies whom I have named from communicating with one another, and from helping each other. Prevent them from communicating with me, and doing anything that was not commissioned on your behalf. Lord Jesus, seal with your Blood: this place, all who are present, their families, their friends, their goods and their resources. (repeat 3 times)

Lord Jesus, prevent  all wandering spirits, all witches, all satanic sects and their emissaries, minions or heads of kingdoms, from harming or taking revenge on me, my family, my friends, or do not damage anything that belongs to us.

Lord Jesus, by the merits of your Precious Blood, break and make disappear all evil, talisman, spell, ploy, lie, artifice, link, impediment or obstacle ; any magic, curse, deception, deviation or distraction, attachment or influence of demonic spirits.

Defeat , too, Lord, every sickness of the body, soul, and spirit present in us and in this place, whether it was caused by our own sins and mistakes, or caused by anyone. (repeat 3 times)

Now, I plant † the Cross of Jesus Christ in my person and in all the generations that preceded me, and I command † and demand  that by the power of the Name of Jesus, cease all direct communication between these generations ; but let each of these communications be filtered through the Precious Blood of Our Lord.

May Mary Immaculate dress me with the light, the power and the strength of her faith.

Holy Father, I beg you to give your angels and your saints the order to come to my aid. I give thanks to Christ who is my wisdom, my justice, my holiness and my salvation. And I entrust myself to the ministry of the Holy Spirit to heal all my lineage.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, now and always, and forever and ever. Amen.