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May all evil spell, charm, machination, bewitchment or curse be annihilated forever. That every curse, imprecation, condemnation, anathema, or magic word that would have been uttered against N., be destroyed † forever.

May all power and dominion, consciously or unconsciously exercised against N., be defeated † forever. That every link, whatever it may be, between N. and whoever wants or  does harm to him (her), be cut † forever. That all this be done: in the Name of Jesus Christ, our liberator, and by the power of his Holy Spirit.

May everything be cleansed in the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, and that at once everything be changed, converted into graces, health, blessing, joy, love and total freedom for N. And that he or those who want him (her) evil also be filled with graces, blessings and love by the infinite mercy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, by the power of his Holy Spirit, to the glory and praise of God the Father. Amen.