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This preliminary inquiry into the Christian prayer of healing and deliverance is intended to target the right prayer as well as to identify possible entry points to evil (diseases, demons) and / or obstacles to healing and / or deliverance.

1. What are you asking of Jesus?

2. Do you lead a Christian life of:

- Participation in the Mass (at least Sunday)?

- Regular confession of your sins (at least once a month)?

- Reading the Word of God?

- Prayer?

- Fast?

- Alms?

- Respect for the Commandments (Love of God, of oneself and the neighbor)?

3. Are there people you can not forgive (father, mother, ...)?

4. Do you have addictions (sex, tobacco, drugs, money, gambling ...)?

5. Do you have fears?

6. Have you ever been to

- occult practices (spiritualism, clairvoyance, astrology, automatic writing, pendulum, consultation of seers, magnetisers ...)?

- the practice of Far Eastern techniques (reiki, tai chi, Buddhism, yoga, alternative therapies, bio-energy ...)?

- to the practice of Satanism?

- belonging to sects and secret societies (Rose-Croix, Freemasonry ...)?

7. Do you think that you are the victim of a spell or occult practices of an ascendant or a relative?

8. Have you been born after a stillborn child or an aborted child?

9. Have you ever had miscarriage or abortion? If yes how many ?

10. Have you given a name to this (these) child (ren) and said masses for him (them)?

11. Have you ever had one or more genealogical masses celebrated?

12. Have you ever had any prayers or sessions of healing and deliverance?

13. Is there anything else to report?


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